Introducing Jo Heath

Our Story

Jo wanted to help make a difference to the world by giving wildlife a voice. The only way she knew was using her passion for design to create a brand inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Using sustainable materials and donating a share of all sales to animal charities, Jo has found a way to offer beautiful designs which also give back to nature.

Inspired By Her Childhood

Jo’s passion for sustainability and nature started from her childhood where she grew up surrounded by wildlife in England. At home Jo had a family of badgers who lived in the hedgerow, a barn owl who nested in the stables and swallows who returned every year to raise their young. Often, neighbours would bring injured animals to the house and Jo would help her mum to nurse them back to full health. This passion to help wildlife is what drives the Jo Heath brand.

Jo's promise

By buying from JoHeath you are helping to make a positive change to our environment. All products are sustainably made and a share of all sales are donated to support animals who need our help.

This is at the heart of the JoHeath brand and is Jo's promise to you.

" A JoHeath bag is guilt free and reflects your values.
Enjoy it while knowing you have given back to nature "

Design Inspiration

The natural world is a huge inspiration to Jo's designs, reminding her of her childhood.

The swallow is a very special bird for Jo.

The Swallow

The swallow plays an important role in the collection, both as a logo and as a design detail.

"Every summer when swallows return to raise their young, I’m always inspired by how graceful, beautiful, hard-working and loyal they are. Swallow silhouettes and the way they fly inspire many of my designs."

“When you buy a bag or accessory you don’t have to take away from the environment or compromise on good design”