Inspired By Nature

Passion, Design
& Sustainability

Jo's mission is to give animals a voice through her nature inspired bags and accessories. Using sustainable materials and donating a share of all sales to wildlife charities, Jo offers beautiful designs which also give back to nature.

Sustainably Sourced

All linings and trims use organic cotton for a lower carbon footprint
Jo Heath

Jo combines her passion for nature with her flair for design.

“When you buy a bag or accessory you don’t have to take away from the environment or compromise on good design. Instead it’s about combining the best of both.”

environmentally friendly

Biodegradable Leathers

Sustainability is key and every material used has been ethically sourced. All leather products are crafted from biodegradable leather which is tanned without hazardous chemicals and uses far less water in the process.

Nature inspired design
Design Process

Jo’s collection is designed to work organically together.

Coordinating accessories mean you can add more (or less) to create a bag unique to you without fast-fashion guilt.

Sustainable leather tanning methods
create a beautiful bag with a
natural touch


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